Kultur, Schutz, Gebiet (CC) Container City 2016 – 2023

The Kunstverein Wagenhalle e. V.’s Container City was created in 2016 when renovation work began in the former Deutsche Bahn carriage repair hall. Since then, more than 100 artists have had their production and work spaces in the Wagenhalle.

When the construction work began, all the studios inside the hall had to be vacated. As a result, a unique “artist biotope” with concert venues, studios, workshops and exhibition spaces grew up on the former car park and the open spaces in front of the Wagenhalle in the middle of the state capital of Stuttgart.

This publication fragmentarily documents the years of Container City on the site of the Kunst, Verein, wagen, Halle. The project was created in creative collaboration with Levin Stadler. A screen-printed fabric bag was produced to accompany the publication.

The “Nordi Sans” font used in the project was designed as part of the overall design (visual identity, orientation system) of Kunst, Verein, wagen, Halle (in collaboration with → Levin Stadler, → Nam Hunyh, → Sven Tillack and → Steffen Knöll).

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