The project Currents is dedicated to the topic of news in mass media, which was investigated in two different phases. In the first phase, an intensive theoretical examination of the topic of news took place. Starting with the question: What is news anyway? Over the introduction into the different models of scientific news research up to the research of the current situation of journalism. The knowledge that has developed in the course of the theoretical discussion was recorded in a reader. Its contents provided the breeding ground for the visual experiments that were created in the second phase, which are to be understood as attempts to transfer the collected knowledge about news into independent, creative works. They refer to the theoretical contents, but are also conceived in such a way that they can be regarded – without the theoretical knowledge – as independent works.

Scope of work

  • → Research
  • → Conception
  • → Text
  • → Book design
  • → Edition
  • → Printed matter
  • → Exhibition design


  • self-initiated

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